The Tallir the currency of the Commonwealth of Northern Gronk, remains the official currency of Krepost Stolitsa. The Tallir was fixed at a value of ChC 300.00, being an ounce of gold, however this is no longer the case, with inflation necessitating revaluations. The Tallir is now fixed at an exchange rate of ChC 0.5000.
Old Gronkian Tallir notes from the Commonwealth of Northern Gronk remains in limited circulation in Krepost Stolitsa, but they are slowly being phased out. As there were literally billions of the old notes in circulation in the Commonwealth, no longer in use, criminals and currency destroyers brought millions of the notes to Krepost Stolitsa from the homeland and other former-provinces of the Commonwealth and devalued the currency here shamefully. There were executions as a result. If you receive one of these notes, they may still be returned to any bank for their full value. Just don't try to return ten thousand of them.
The Gross Domestic Product of Krepost Stolitsa is T25,517.17 million (ChC 12.76 billion). The economy of Krepost Stolitsa has suffered since the loss of the markets made available by the economic integration within the wider commonwealth. Development of new markets has proven difficult, especially given the isolation affected by the province's two nearest neighbours who made their desire to annex the province clear. Yet, the economy has endured focusing on domestic consumption and production, along with some development of oil resources
The Gross Domestic Product per capita of Krepost Stolitsa is T4,750.12 (ChC 2,375.06) for every person in the province. This includes the economic benefit of those living in the territory.
Krepost Stolitsa exported goods worth T384 million (ChC 192 million) in 316ap, mostly wood and paper products, representing just 1.5% of GDP. With the loss of the Commonwealth eighteen years ago, exports by Krepost Stolitsa plummeted. Subsequent attempts to usurp the province's independence by Altland and Namuria resulted in trade blockades with those two countries, meaning the province has had to trade further afield. Improving the province's trade position has proven difficult since the large distances add substantially to shipping costs.
Krepost Stolitsa imported goods worth T418 million (ChC 209 million) in 316ap, everything from machine parts to pharmaceuticals. This is lower than might be expected because our talented and astute Governor wisely implemented trade controls in the province to keep the trade deficit to a minimum, giving a trade deficit of just -0.133% of GDP.
With the temperatures descending to well-below zero in some parts of the province and territory, one can imagine that heating and electricity use in Krepost Stolitsa is high. Fortunately, however, Glaciaria is a place in enormous geological transition, meaning that the mountain range that splits the territory and province in two is volcanic. This means geothermal energy is available in abundant quantities. So, in the 250s, the Commonwealth government began investing in geothermal projects in the province, drawing up heat from geothermal sources and pumping that heat into home, school, factory and office radiators. Since then, our wise Governor Stanimochan invested heavily in geothermal electricity generation to reduce the province's reliance on coal and oil. Consequently, Krepost Stolitsa is a world-leader in geothermal generation technology, with 85% of the province's electricity and heating needs produced from geothermal energy.
The economy of Krepost Stolitsa has been booming for nearly two decades under the wise, astute and brilliant mind of our Governor Stanimochan. He has conceived a coherent economic strategy that has seen growth in trade, in output and in wages. No other world leader can make such a boast. Furthermore, he does so out of love for the people: his salary remains the same C19,500 (then-T65) it was when he took the provincial governorship in 297ap.
The two-letter VSO digraph code, most commonly known as the internet country code, for Krepost Stolitsa is "FC". All websites registered to Krepost Stolitsa end with ".fc".
The government administrator of the Krepost Stolitsa domain names welcomes football clubs seeking the ".fc" for their domain names. Several have already done so — such as Utania's Richmond who now own the richmond.fc domain — and more are welcomed.
8 daily newspapers; 185 newspapers sold per 1,000 people; The largest are the Gronkian-language Odanost, Istina, the Nevati Ghyurnale and the Kelo Jornal.
Four services: three state-run, plus an independent; The Gronkian-language Odan Televizor, Nevati-language Televiz leals, and Priuwuri-language TV Dileas are state-run, while Besplatnya Televizija is an independent multi-language service.
Krepost Stolitsa once sat in the +5 timezone, the same as most of eastern Eras, because the capital city sits on the edge of that zone. This was changed in 303ap since most of the province actually sits in the +6 zone. This means Krepost Stolitsa's east coast was first to welcome the new century almost 18 years ago. (Bases on Glaciaria notwithstanding.)
The three-letter VSO trigraph code for Krepost Stolitsa is "FCA".
Krepost Stolitsa welcomed 17,470 tourists in 316ap who came to visit the province and Glaciaria. Each of these tourists spent an average of T3,418, thus adding T59.7 million to the provincial economy. Complaints in foreign tourism press about the province were based on unfactual statements, and were unfair representations of the province government's tourism policies. We certainly do not strip search every foreign woman that arrives in the province, nor charge T500 "service fees" to land at the capital airport. Such statements are unhelpful, though efforts have been made to clean-up the image of the province in this regard.
All provincial citizens must receive an exit license to leave the province for purposes of business, family reunifications and tourism. The fees for these licenses are, respectively, T260, T550 (T860 for those entering Namuria and Altland) and T13,800. There were zero departures from the province for tourism purposes.
TSIGLA Rachunalo computers are used in all government offices around Krepost Stolitsa which use the cutting edge Zidodtsigli o/s 296 edition operating system. Both have been inherited from the Gronkian Commonwealth, but factories have been established to provide parts and maintenance services to these machines across the province. They are available to buy. Just sayin'.
Krepost Stolitsa has no direct land neighbours, other than other Glaciarian territories, which means that all international contact must be by sea or air. The province does not trade with several nearby countries — Namuria or Altland — over their ambitious territorial claims on us, but several countries in the new world are closer to us than those in, say, Longerath. While on a flat map Djeriga and Deucoland may seem too far to be counted, when viewed properly, Deucoland is closer than, say, Rovens.
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