Krepost Stolitsa maintains a large and capable army whose primary function is to protect the land of the province and territory. To wit, there are over 34,000 soldiers trained and equipped in alpine and snow combat. However, the Army is also engaged in state security, to maintain a vigil against foreign intelligence interference in the province. The total land forces is some 110,000 army personnel, with 15 battle tanks, and 94 snow-tracked armoured vehicles. There is an additional 230,000 army reservist and paramilitary personnel.
Krepost Stolitsa maintains an air force comprised of 27 air combat fighters, 3 refueling craft, and 41 other miscellaneous purpose air craft. The air force also commands the province's air defense batteries, including 85 Provjetriti surface-to-air missile systems. There are consequently 14,500 air force personnel plus 9,000 reservists.
There are, in total, 161,500 regular military personnel in Krepost Stolitsa, or 3.0% of the population of the province. That is 35.6 persons per 1,000 population. There is, in addition, 294,000 reservist and paramilitary personnel in Krepost Stolitsa, or 5.5% of the population of the province.
The defences of Krepost Stolitsa have been a high priority for our Governor that he has personally lead the expansion in the province's military capability. His strategic wisdom and wise counsel have been welcomed by the provinces' already-brilliant Generals and Admirals. Our Governor's vision was for a secure and prosperous province and his indescribably talented mind has conceived a coherent naval and air strategy that has seen Fortress Krepost Stolitsa become a beacon of security in the region. No other world leader can make such a boast. Furthermore, he does so out of love for the people: he has never supplemented his salary with a military salary as other despotic world leaders would, but remains committed to the benefit of the people.
Krepost Stolitsa maintains a large and capable navy with a main combat fleet consisting of one destroyer, three frigates and eight submarines. The primary mission of these craft is blue water interdiction, to defend the integrity of the province and Gronkian Glaciaria from foreign forces. The total naval personnel roster is some 37,000 plus 55,000 reservists and paramilitarists. Warships are prefixed with "KSPM", Krepost Stolitsa Provincijska Mornarica, such as the KSPM Shtitnik, the province's 6,600 tonne destroyer.
The Navy also maintains seven corvettes and 47 patrol boats designed to keep the coastline of the province and territory heavily patrolled and defended, and defend the economic exclusion zone waters from illegal fishing.