As an autonomous province of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, we take very seriously our obligation to manage Gronkian Glaciaria, especially the territory south of us, as well as the southern ocean. We deny all claims on Gronkian Glaciaria, but we do extend permission to certain nations to establish bases on the continent for purely scientific purposes.
Since Krepost Stolitsa has no direct land neighbours, other than other Glaciarian territories, shipping is of critical importance to the province, both domestically and internationally. Many settlements in the territory can only be reached by ship during winter, which means that the provincial government keeps ports and ice-breaker ships better maintained than even roads.
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Glaciaria has a beauty and fascination all of its own, and draws thousands of tourists each year to see the icy continent. Krepost Stolitsa is clearly the best place in Vexillium from which to launch into a Glaciarian cruise.
A powerful commitment to the environment of Glaciaria from the wise, astute and brilliant mind of our Governor Stanimochan. No other world leader can make such a boast.
Continued study of the icy continent remains a provincial government commitment, and thousands of scientific missions have been conducted over the past eighteen years. Furthermore, exploration of the continent is vital to securing its future, exploring the mysteries of its shifting topography and climate.
Furthermore, the provincial government recognises the need to maintain a strong naval presence in the Glaciarian seas, to prevent fishing, to ward-off mineral exploitation, and to regulate tourism. The province, therefore, has a large fleet of specially-equipped coldwater patrol boats and corvettes.