We are an autonomous province of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk. We do not recognise the government of the Peoples Republic of Northern Gronk as a legitimate successor state to the Commonwealth and have resisted all attempts to assert governance. Similarly, we have outright rejected ursurping attempts by the Namurian and Altlandic governments, some of whose peoples spend time in our land and have businesses and homes here, as well as rights of residence, to annex Krepost Stolitsa. The Autonomous Province has strengthened her defences greatly in the days since to include her first destroyer warship.
Without the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, Krepost Stolitsa is constitutionally without a Head of State. Consequently, the Governor is not titled "President". However, while Governor Tomislav Stanimochan is Head of Government, he is also de facto Head of State.
With the brutal collapse and vicious rivening of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, Governor Tomislav Stanimochan has dedicated his life to keep the forces of disorder and division from infecting our beautiful land and people. Governor Stanimochan is our sixty-one year old guide out of the economic and political turmoil of the early post-Gronkian age, instituting a political system, reforming the economy, bringing a sense of independence to Krepost Stolitsa, yet without formally breaking ties with the Commonwealth, but, intead, eagerly awaiting its restoration.
Our ingenious and wise leader, Governor Tomislav Stanimochan was born in 256ap to Gronkian parents in Port-o-Gronk. His senior administrator father ensured Tomislav was educated in the Commonwealth's top schools before passing the Government Entrance exam and enrolling in the elite Administrators' College at the age of just 17. He scaled the ranks of government rapidly, catching the eye of the First Elected Minister himself and appointed the youngest governor of a province (Krepost Stolitsa) in Commonwealth history on April 14th, 297ap, at only 41. He immediately began to stamp his direct and insightful rule on the province, instituting a new flag on August 20th, 297ap. The failure of the Gronkian Commonwealth grieves our leader, as it does all its citizens in this land, but his determined and wise rule ensured we did not fall into the same economic and political chaos. His stewardship of the land since is considered by all analysts to be the most judicious and careful of almost any living leader. Despite his accolades, he has refused to accept the title "First Elected Minister" nor assert Krepost Stolitsa's independence as some suggest.
To dial into Krepost Stolitsa, the international direct dialing code is +95. Telephone communications in the province is managed by Telekomunikatsiya Krepost Stolitsa (TKS), though there are also several smaller mobile communications companies. There are only 30 fixed-line telephones per 100 persons, or roughly 1.6 million fixed lines. These may be accessed in three area codes 02 for the capital, 03 for the north and 04 for the south, and then a six-digit phone number. Conversely, there are 4,635,000 mobile phone subscriptions, or 86.28 for every 100 persons. These use the 06 area code for TKS mobile phones, and 07 for all other providers, and then a seven-digit phone number. The international direct dialing prefix to dial out is 0014 then country code and phone number.
The flag of Krepost Stolitsa was announced and enacted by the Peoples' Council on Febuary 26th, 305ap, in response to the increasingly brutal rivening of our homeland, the Co-operative Commonwealth of Northern Gronk, and to the rise of the Peoples Republic of Northern Gronk and its assertions of authority over Krepost Stolitsa. Our Peoples' Council firmly rejected these assertions and brought to prominence the Commonwealth's flag in our own, from being a canton to underlaying the entire flag with our six-pointed star (or snowflake) as a centred overlay. February 26th each year is a public holiday named "Flag Day".
The Governor is ably assisted by the Peoples Council, consisting of 41 members elected for seven-year terms. The first elections in Krepost Stolitsa were held in 303ap, and repeated in 310ap and 317ap. The next election is due in 324ap.
The Fatherland Democratic Socialist Party (FDSP) has the largest number of seats, 27, and sets most legislation with a moderate democratic socialist platform. The Peoples' Union Party (PUP) are second largest party with 9 seats and frequently support the FDSP, but are more pro-capitalism. The Democratic Party (DemP) have five members in the Peoples' Council and are dedicated to keeping the government accountable. The FDSP have governed since 303ap.
Krepost Stolitsa has no direct land neighbours, other than other Glaciarian territories, but by sea there are several nearby countries, including Namuria, Altland, Disonda, and even Deucoland. While on a flat map Djeriga and Deucoland may seem too far to be counted, when viewed properly, Deucoland is closer than, say, Rovens.
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