Krepost Stolitsa — commonly referred to, in Ingallish, as Fort Capital — is the northernmost extremity of the ice-covered continent of Glaciaria, but contrary to population belief, it is itself neither ice-covered nor unpopulated. Millions of people call this fertile, green and hospitable place home, having built a prosperous industrious economy and life for ourselves.
Here, fun is mandatory.
Krepost Stolitsa is an autonomous province of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk. We do not recognise the government of the Peoples Republic of Northern Gronk as a legitimate successor state to the Commonwealth and have resisted all attempts to assert governance. Similarly, we have outright rejected ursurping attempts by the Namurian and Altlandic governments, some of whose peoples spend time in our land and have businesses and homes here, as well as rights of residence, to annex Krepost Stolitsa. The Autonomous Province has strengthened her defences greatly in the days since to include her first destroyer warship.
What's in a name? A tourist writes: Is the city called Krepost Stolitsa, the whole peninsula, or the entire territory, because it might seem they're all called the same?
Technically, that's true: the city is the true Krepost Stolitsa, known by this name or colloquially as the capital. The province, that is the portion of land above the 60°S border (on maps, it is in pink), is called the Autonomous Province of Krepost Stolitsa, or simply Krepost Stolitsa Province. The territory, that is the portion of land below the 60°S border (on maps, it is in green), is called Krepost Stolitsa Territory, or, sometimes, just Glaciaria.
We cordially invite the peoples of Vexillium to come visit, invest, play, buy into, tour and invest in our great and glorious pioneering venture.
There are 5,371,900 people who call Krepost Stolitsa home, including Gronkians, Nevat and Iuwuri, plus numerous other indigenous peoples.
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According to the last geographical census by the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, the Krepost Stolitsa Territory is 566,000 in area. This does not include the Territory regions above the 70°S latitude which are inhabited in warmer months, and does not include any land below that latitude to the Glaciarian south pole. The Gronkian Glaciarian territory between 57°E and 90°E is administered by the government of Krepost Stolitsa, and represents another (estimated) 1.5 million of mostly uninhabitable ice and snow.
The background image of this website is the wonderous visage of our wise and astute leader, Governor Stanimochan. His portrait adorns many a public square, mantle or office wall because he is beloved, for sparing us the brutal collapse and vicious rivening of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk. Our Governor, navigated the province during the economic and political turmoil of the early post-Gronkian age, brought a sense of independence to Krepost Stolitsa.
Without the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, Krepost Stolitsa is constitutionally without a Head of State. Consequently, the Governor is not titled "President". However, while Governor Stanimochan is Head of Government, he is also de facto Head of State. Refer the Government page for more information.
The flag of Krepost Stolitsa was announced and enacted by the Peoples' Council on Febuary 26th, 305ap, in response to the increasingly brutal rivening of our homeland, the Co-operative Commonwealth of Northern Gronk, and to the rise of the Peoples Republic of Northern Gronk and its assertions of authority over Krepost Stolitsa. Our Peoples' Council firmly rejected these assertions and brought to prominence the Commonwealth's flag in our own, from being a canton to underlaying the entire flag with our six-pointed star (or snowflake) as a centred overlay. February 26th each year is a public holiday named "Flag Day".
8 daily newspapers; 185 newspapers sold per 1,000 people; The largest are the Gronkian-language Odanost, Istina, the Nevati Ghyurnale and the Kelo Jornal.
Four services: three state-run, plus an independent; The Gronkian-language Odan Televizor, Nevati-language Televiz leals, and Priuwuri-language TV Dileas are state-run, while Besplatnya Televizija is an independent multi-language service.
The two-letter VSO digraph code, most commonly known as the internet country code, for Krepost Stolitsa is "FC". All websites registered to Krepost Stolitsa end with ".fc".
The government administrator of the Krepost Stolitsa domain names welcomes football clubs seeking the ".fc" for their domain names. Several have already done so — such as Utania's Richmond who now own the richmond.fc domain — and more are welcomed.
Krepost Stolitsa has no direct land neighbours, other than other Glaciarian territories, but by sea there are several nearby countries, including Namuria, Altland, Disonda, and even Deucoland. While on a flat map Djeriga and Deucoland may seem too far to be counted, when viewed properly, Deucoland is closer than, say, Rovens.
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